Fancy Farm Picnic                  2004
Photo Scrapbook
           Flags at Jefferson Davis Birthplace Monument
                                    Fairview Ky
          CSA 3rd Nat'l, yankee flag and Kentucky u.S. flag
Jeff Davis Birthplace.Monument
     Fairview  Kentucky
Salute to Kentucky by Jeff Davis
marker located at Jeff Davis Park
          Fairview Kentucky
entry doors to Jeff Davis Monument
            Fairview  Kentucky
  Zero Milestone Marker
Jefferson Davis Highway
      Fairview  Kentucky
plaque  on marker to left
         Kentucky's "Independence Hall"
          old secession courthouse  in
            Russellville  Kentucky 
        (also the temporary Confederate
       Capitol building of Kentucky, until
       relocated to Bowling Green)

UDC  Kentucky Secession.marker
Russellville, Kentucky
(more accurate than the "official" one)
To left: close up of Kentucky's Official Confederate Seal from UDC marker in Russellville Kentucky
below: the "official" marker acknowledging Kentucky's secession, and admittance into the CSA.
inaccurate in details, but they do admit the important stuff.  There was really 68 counties represented in person, and 32 represented by letter desiring was actually a unanimous vote to secede
Jeff Davis Monument
Fairview, Kentucky
Jeff Davis Monument
Fairview, Kentucky
UDC's CSA Monument in Cadiz, Trigg County, Kentucky
Camp Caldwell
UCV Monument
(3 views)located  on site of secession courthouse in Russellville, Kentucky
CSA Monument in Murray, Calloway County Kentucky
Jeff Davis Hwy. marker in court square in Benton, Marshall County, Kentucky
UDC Confederate monument, court square
Mayfield, Graves County, Kentucky
Plaque from Monument
             on left
inscription:  "To the memory of the Confederate Soldiers             of Graves County"
Folks in the Jackson Purchase area of Kentucky & Tennessee were impatient regarding secession, they almost formed a new Confederate State of "Jackson"...they met in Mayfield to lay out plans
Located in Cadiz, Trigg Co. Ky. The homeplace of Henry C. Burnett, the presiding official at Ky's Secession  Convention, and a member of US &      CSA Congress from Kentucky
Located beside Hwy 62 in the "Land Between the Lakes" region of western Kentucky
Located beside Hwy 62 east of Lake Barkley in Trigg Co. Kentucky
  Fancy Farm Picnic                  2004
   Above, an old family              heirloom portrait of
  Henry Cornelius Burnett,
  (courtesy of his family)